Villa Avalon
  • 1. Villa Avalon Main House - View across pool to villa
  • 2. Villa Avalon Main House - The villa and gardens
  • 3. Villa Avalon Guest House - Living area
  • 4. Villa Avalon Main House - Downstairs master bedroom
  • 5. Villa Avalon Main House - Downstairs master bedroom private living area
  • 6. Villa Avalon Main House - Downstairs master bedroom ensuite
  • 7. Villa Avalon Main House - Pool table
  • 8. Villa Avalon Main House - Dining set up with view
  • 9. Villa Avalon Guest House - View across garden from guest suites
  • 10. Villa Avalon Annex - The villa across the pool
  • 11. Villa Avalon Annex - Master bedroom
  • 12. Villa Avalon Annex - Master bedroom ensuite
  • 13. Villa Avalon Main House - Garden joglo
  • 14. Villa Avalon Main House - Indoor living area
  • 15. Villa Avalon Main House - Upstairs master bedroom


Villa Avalon’s myriad living spaces and flexible accommodation options have secured the estate’s reputation as a wedding venue par excellence. Many couples from around the world have yielded to its magic, and tied the knot in its enchanting gardens, in the company of up to 80 family members and friends.

Accommodating up to 21 people, the villas offer expansive living quarters for the entire wedding party. With its near-beachside setting, blissfully a short distance away from Seminyak’s congested streets, the location is hard to beat.

We can recommend expert event organisers, florists, decorators and caterers, so you can focus on relaxing and celebrating this special day with your guests.

Maximum people sitting: 60 persons
Maximum people standing:  80 persons

Elite Havens General Guidelines for Events
Villa Avalon Event Guidelines

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